As the entire globe is combatting with the coronavirus outbreak, everyone is staying at home as much as possible to prevent contracting the infection, which makes it more vital to make sure that your house is disinfected and cleaned. Because of this, we plan to provide you a few resourceful tips about how to disinfect and clean your home properly. Read on this article to know more about professional home cleaning done by professional cleaners Oakland. 


If you have a lot of things that lie around your house, you’re actually providing dust the chance to survive and accumulate on such neglected and nucleated surfaces. All it normally takes for you is 30 min to organize your shoes and clothes or clear away some electronics that you do not use anymore.? 

Clean air is equal to clear lungs and greater health? 

If you think you cannot live without an air conditioner, it’s understandable because it’s really difficult especially in areas that have a hot and humid temperature. If this is your case, do not forget to provide your fans, air purifiers, and your AC units the TLC that they deserve because these are all the unrecognized heroes out of all home appliances.?? 

Deep cleanse your fabrics? 

Try to recall the last time you have had visitors that came over your home. Can you guarantee that they did not wipe some crumbs of potato chips into the edges of your sofa? No, you can’t. So, even if you are very cautious and particular about making sure that your house is clean, you cannot prevent all of the skin cells, bacteria, and dust that are accumulating on different fabrics you have all over your house.?? 

Do it like how the pros do?it? 

This only means that you need to clean your home from the top to the bottom. This is the most recommended way of cleaning instead of cleaning the dirtiest portion of the furniture no matter how intuitive you may think it is. The last thing you want to get is to have falling dust or dirt from the ceiling after you are done cleaning your floor.?? 

Begin with the areas that you commonly forget? 

These areas include your washing machine, under your bed, the bookshelf packed with books that you have not read again. This also includes your coffee makers’ innermost parts, your water faucet, and all of your accessories within your bathroom. Take this as the only chance to do so that you won’t need to perform it again until your following session of major general cleaning.? 

Making sure that your home is always disinfected and clean? 

We hope that these simple tips gave you an idea of how to improve your cleaning or look for a professional home cleaning company that offers disinfecting services, which is much important during this time of the?coronavirus?outbreak. With the help of the cleaning pros, you can guarantee that you will be safe from any dirt and viruses.??